About Us

Who We Are?

Prem Corap is a full-service manufacturer that produces  socks according to your needs. Together with our experienced team in Turkey, we offer you consulting expertise in every step of sourcing, design, manufacturing and merchandising in the apparel industry.

We help you to develop your product in the best and most cost-effective way. We are experts to find the best possible efficient solutions for the production and make sure about quality at every step. 

We try to provide this job with smooth and strong controls at each and every step of the order process.  All of this allows us to create a unique connection with each client … We take note of the likes and dislikes, tastes, opinions, as well as criticisms … And all this learning, allows us to keep evolving as a company, as well as keep up with the interests of the public.  We love nothing more than making our customers happy.

What We Do?

Small order quantities are possible with us. High-End brand are welcome on board. Excellent planning skills. On-time shipments. More satisfaction, More happiness, More business. Excellent graphics and shape design. The best possible prices.

* You don’t need to feel yourself to place more & more orders due to the manufacturer’s demands. You may place small orders with us. 

* High-End brands feel free to contact us, their productions will be under our guaranty, Both quality and on-time shipments. 

* We have excellent planning skills. With the help of 13 years in the past, we have prevision about the mistakes before It happens. 

* We know what is the meaning of being late to the store and the meaning of Sale Loss. Therefore, we focus and lock to the date we need to ship and make sure this hand over date will not change.

* More satisfaction brings more happiness and more happiness brings more business. We need more business. Don’t We?

* We have a design team and they can help you with your ideas.

* You will have the best possible prices because our negotiation skill is good enough.

Our Services;

 Graphic & Shape Design.

Prem Corap offers professional in-house Graphic & Shape Designers. For styles that contain print the most essential component is graphic design.Prem Corap Graphic Designers create innovative prints and patterns that follow, and event predict, market trends. Our graphic designers can work with your ideas and craft them into marketable designs with perfect apparel categories and styles. Our ample experience with branding innovative fashion companies means we know how to communicate a brand visually to its fans. Our talent with prints, design and trend forecasting shines means we can predict what type of prints are hot-and the perfect styles to use them on.


Product Development combines design with the market knowledge and trend research. A brand may have a solid product that is doing well, but how do they expand their product line? Prem Corap is here to help.
We combine your vision of a product with our experience working with big brands and current market trends.

We can start from scratch, or work from your current fashion line, expanding it with a clear and profitable strategy. Product Development involves planning, developing and presenting products for a specific market of the fashion industry. Guided by Prem Corap Designers and executed by technical teams, we develop seasonal collections, expanded product lines, or new products from design concept to prototype. The development process, of course, involves extensive fashion trend research and fabric sourcing appropriate for the given market. Sampling is an integral part of Fashion Product Development. Although sampling can have high costs per item, these initial prototypes give you a roadmap for the production to come.


We are always in contact with different fabric mills, and we attend to the exhibitions in Turkey, the UK, France, and Germany. We used to negotiate their prices within the target range of our buyers. We provide convenient and suitable fabrics, patterns and accessories according to our clients’ requests and needs. We closely follow seasonal trend forecasts and share with our buyers. We also let the buyer know about the newest techniques, machinery, fabrics, trims, and to make improvements in the best way we can.

 Quality Control.

We supervise the production from the beginning until the shipment is done. We do daily quality controls through all the stages of the production while considering the global quality standards if our buyers do not request an extra control system of their own. Our technical team controls merchandise regularly and prepare reports. We control from the beginning until the final checking and packing. We visit manufacturers every day and control every single detail to prevent unwanted results.

Our production facility has got below certificates to ensure best industry practises.

We care committed to responsible and sustainable business principles and practices with both our own business and throughout our supply chain. We recognise the importance of operating to a high ethical standard of business practice through transparent and fair means.

We adhere to regional legislation relating to employment rights and equal opportunities, with particular reference to non-discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.

Our mission is to conform to the highest ethical standards for worker welfare and the environment whilst at the same time maintaining a cost competitive production. Ensuring a responsible and environmental production process is a key goal that we are actively achieving.