We have a diverse range of products which includes:

  • Everyday Sock (mens, ladies, kids) – from high end 200 needle luxury to cheaper basics and everything in between.
  • All styles – footsies, invisible, sports, crew, knee high, cotton tights, and more..
  • Fashion – design socks of any type, sheer, lace, studs, embroideries, printed, lurex, foil, pom-poms, fur, bows, googly eyes.
  • Winter Range – hand knits, cosy, cashmere, borg lined chunky knits, terry etc.
  • Technical – sports socks, walking socks, workwear socks, diabetic socks, compression socks etc.
  • Novelty – Xmas, Easter, Valentines, Fathers Day etc.
  • Luxury gift boxes, cupcakes, donuts, beer cans, pizza boxes, mugs, advent calendars, baubles, Christmas crackers, icecream cones, lollies and more..
Please check our catalogs out from products section on top menu.